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Gilcrux Parish Council

                           Annual Parish Meeting

                          Chairperson's Report

Municipal year 2015/16

The Parish Council meets on a bi-monthly basis and continues the practice of opening with a Parishioner Forum.


We have co-opted David Griffiths as a Parish Councillor.

The Council have communicated with residents via the Newsletter and displaying minutes and agendas of meetings on the notice boards.

We are pleased to announce the setting up of a website which is in the final stage of being populated?

During the past year the Council have supported many groups within the Parish.

The Parish Council continues to monitor the effects of Tallentire Wind Farm.

A Parish Survey was carried out and the findings acted upon.

Three Vodophone masts have now been installed within the village to increase mobile phone coverage, thanks to the help of Jim Gordon. The on going running costs of the Rural Open Sure Signal being met by the Council.

Thanks to generous fundraising efforts of village resident  Becky Griffiths, the Village Hall Committee and Aspatria and District First Responders, we now have a defibrillator again insured by the Council, as well as appropriate signage at the entrances to the Village.

The Parish Council were pleased to make a donation to Aspatria and District First Responders.

A new path to the St. Mary's Church entrance is to be laid to assist wheelchair users.

We are indebted to County Councillor Alan Clark, the Village Hall Committee and Parish Council in helping fund this project and to the advice and assistance of the Reverend Tim Herbert, Councillor Katie Clark (Church Warden) and our Parish Clerk Trevor Gear.

The Parish Council has increased the contribution to St. Mary's Church for grass cutting.

A re-vamped playground with new equipment has been set up by the Village Hall thanks to the efforts of the Village Youth Group.

The Parish Council arranged and paid for a post - inspection of the new playground and also donated £410.

ISS Facilities Services cut the grass in the open spaces and Outer Space continues to carry out a maintenance schedule within the Parish.

Flooding has proved to be an issue during the year.

To this end the Parish Council have sought advice and guidance through the Aspatria Rural Partnership, the Environment Agency and Cumbria County Council, to prepare for future as well as ongoing events.

The Parish Council has distributed to Parishioners a list of useful telephone numbers of help lines linked to various agencies and companies.

Parish Councillors under the auspices of Councillor David Griffiths have mapped out all gullies and drains in the Parish and these have been duly forwarded to Cumbria Highways Department.

The Parish Council is also supportive of making the Library/Local Links in Aspatria a Community Asset.

During the year I have attended meetings of the Aspatria Rural Partnership on behalf of the Parish

Councillor Lisa Hignett has been appointed to the Community Liaison Group.

Councillor David Griffiths has kindly agreed to attend the West Cumbria Community Safety Partnership when it meets and report back to the Parish Council.

We have continued receive regular updates from our local police officer, though as yet no one has been able to attend a Parish Council Meeting.

 I should like to take this opportunity to thank my Fellow Councillors both past and present in giving of their time to attend meetings for the benefit of our local community.

Finally I should like to thank our diligent  hard working Parish Clerk Trevor Gear, who has been an invaluable support to both myself in my year as Chair Person and Fellow Councillors.

William Henderson

Chair Person Gilcrux Parish Council

2015-16 Chairman’s