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Parish Office, Brandraw Mount,

       West Street, Aspatria, CA7 3HG

Tel: 016973 21935


A Parish Council meeting was held at the Gilcrux Village Hall, Gilcrux at 6.30pm on Wednesday 18th January 2017

Present: Councillor’s William Henderson (Chair), Katie Clarke, Lisa Hignett, David Griffiths and James Eve.

Also, Present: Trevor Gear (Clerk) and Alan Clark (County Councillor)  

Apologies: Shaun McMullen, Jacqueline Mounsey (Borough Councillor) and PCSO Alex Ostle.

Minute Parishioners Open Forum                       

There were no parishioners present and no items were raised on their behalf.

Declarations of Interest  

L. Hignett as the council’s representative on the Advisory Funding Group (AFG) declared registerable interest in item 6 and K. Clarke as Church Warden declared a Pecuniary Interest in item 17.

Confirmation of minutes

On the proposal of D. Griffiths and seconded by K. Clarke

17/01 RESOLVED – that the Chair sign as a correct record, the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9th November 2016.

Matters Arising



Advisory Funding Group. (AFG)

The closing date for the next grants panel is Friday 12th May 2017.  

Correspondence Received since last Parish Council Meeting.

The following items of correspondence had been received

The CALC Circulars for November and December 2016 and January 2017 had been circulated and there were no matters arising.

An e-mail had been received regarding the Community Housing Fund.

An e-mail from CALC received on 14th December 2016 gave information on the Department for Business and Industrial Strategy consultation relating to decommissioning and the clean-up of nuclear site which concluded on 29th December 2016

Several e-mails on the Future Health Care in West, North and East Cumbria had been received and circulated.

The Register of Electors for the Parish had been received but only could be used for Parish Council business.

A copy of the Allerdale Borough Council Budget Consultation had been received and after discussion members assisted with the response.

A letter and booklet had been received from Elements (a new festival).

An e-mail had been received from Charlotte Astill resigning from the council because in her new employment she has numerous evening meeting and is unable to commit to attend council meetings.

            17/02  RESOLVED - The clerk to send a thank you letter wishing her all the best in the future

   and take the appropriate action to advertise the vacancy.


Financial update and cheque authorities

The Clerk confirmed cheque account at £5565.65 and deposit account at £645.34

 Boltons Parish Council/Training       £20.00

 Clerks Salary (Nov/December)                       £218.88

 Expenses (Inc. Travelling, postage, stationery and newsletter delivery etc.)   £93.67           £312.55 HRMC                         £54.72

Gilcrux Village Hall/Hall Rental (Jan.)                                                                                       £16.00

Firpress Printers/Newsletter         £65.00

J Parnaby/Sure Signal Electric         £31.50

St Mary’s Church/Donation to Grass Cutting      £300.00

17/03     RESOLVED that the above accounts be paid.  

Planning Applications




2/2016/0653 Application for reserved matters application 2/2016/0446  Reserved Land at The Forelands, Gilcrux

           Matters Approved           

Appeals - None


Police Matters

          Apologies had been received from PCSO Ostle who was not on duty. She had previously prepared a report which had been circulated, as had an e-mail from Inspector Smillie regarding the shortcomings of the new system of reporting to parish councils. Members were concerned that there had not been any police attendance at a parish council meeting for over three years and considered that the standing invitation to officers to attend meetings should be withdrawn until such time that there is something to contribute.

17/04 RESOLVED – that the clerk write to the Chief Constable, Police and Crime Commissioner and the local Inspector advising them of the council’s decision.


 A complaint had been received that there was not enough space for an item that was on the deadline as the newsletter was full.   

              17/05 RESOLVED – that the present size of the newsletter is not increased and it is filled on a first come, first served basis.


Parish Spring Clean and Himalayan Balsam Clearance

 A parish ‘Spring Clean’ will take place commencing at 10.30am on Saturday 6th May 2017 from the Gilcrux Village Hall. The clerk to check if it is an appropriate day to clear Himalayan Balsam


 Seats within the Parish

 The council has been awarded £1000.00 from Alan Clark’s County Council Personal Allowance towards the project. The clerk has completed the application forms for the balance from the Advisory Funding Group.

Play Park

The clerk has approached a contractor to carry out the work to the gates in the play park and to advise on repair work to the noticeboard at Greengill.  


Speed Sensors

There has been no progress on this matter and the A. Clark will contact Highways on behalf of the parish.

Fibre Broadband

An e-mail had been received from CALC in which they encourage parishes to promote the take up of fibre broadband so the provider can obtain funding to provide the service the hard to reach areas.

            17/06                 RESOLVED -  that this should be an item in the next newsletter

Grant to Mary’s Church – Grass Cutting

Members were asked to consider a grant towards the cost of grass cutting at St Mary’s Church, Gilcrux.

             17/07                RESOLVED – that the parish council will donate £300.00 towards the cost of grass cutting.                         

Electoral Review of Allerdale Borough Council

The council received an update on the review and an officer recommendation that the parish is put in the same ward as Crosscanonby and Dearham. The clerk had received advice that no action should be taken until the Boundary Commission publish their full recommendations.

Parish Maintenance Contract

Members considered the only tender for the parish maintenance contract.

17.08 RESOLVED – that Outerspace Garden Landscaping be awarded to contract for 2017/18

Meeting dates 2017/18

Members considered and approved a list of proposed dates for council meetings in 2017/18

Matters for Next Meeting.

   Parish land in front of Kinnaird Cottage

   Seats in the parish

   Youth Club – Planters Project

   Play Area Gate

 Parish Spring Clean

 Himalayan Balsam Clearance

Date of Next Meeting             

             17/09  RESOLVEDthat the next meeting of the Parish Council will he held on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 6.30pm at Gilcrux Village Hall


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.55pm.

Signed as a true and correct record …………………………………….………. Chair

Date ……………………...............

Attendance over the Past 12 Meetings

J Eve    8/12    L Hignett         12/12

K Clarke 12/12   S McMullen     11/12

W Henderson 12/12   

D Griffiths  9/10   T Gear            12/12 (Parish Clerk)

January 2017 minutes