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Parish Office, Brandraw Mount,

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A Parish Council meeting was held at the Gilcrux Village Hall, Gilcrux at 6.30pm on Wednesday 28th September 2016

Present: Councillor’s William Henderson (Chair), Lisa Hignett, Katie Clarke, David Griffiths, Charlotte Astill, James Eve and Shaun McMullen

Also Present: Trevor Gear (Clerk) and Jacqueline Mounsey (Borough Councillor)

Apologies: PCSO Alex Ostle.

Minute Parishioners Open Forum

There were three parishioners present who raised the following items: -

The condition of parish land in front of Kinnaird Cottage which contained large unkempt bushes and were undermining the boundary wall.

A nearby willow tree that had been blown over and in need of removal

The increase in of Himalayan Balsam in the highway verges and other areas surrounding the village and the Council were asked to raise awareness

Declarations of Interest  

L. Hignett as the council’s representative on the Advisory Funding Group registerable interest in item 6. (AFG).

Confirmation of minutes

On the proposal of D. Griffiths and seconded by S. McMullen

16/51 RESOLVED – that the Chair sign as a correct record, the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 20th July 2016.

Matters Arising

The Clerk had obtained two estimates for the removal of the bushes at Kinnaird Cottage. One was for the whole work whilst the other was for removal of the bushes and then a further estimate for what work would be required following removal.

16/52   RESOLVED – that the later estimate be accepted.

An estimate had been received for cutting the hedge around the village hall as has happened in the last two years.

16/53  RESOLVED – The estimate be accepted


Advisory Funding Group. (AFG)

Lisa Hignett advised that the next meeting of the group was on 17th October 2016 and the closing date for applications was this Friday. There is currently over £64,000 to spend, with a total of £201,530.57 having been awarded so far. The clerk advised that he had invited Annalee Holiday to the meeting which she had accepted but there was no attendance.

16/54    RESOLVED – that Annalee Holiday be invited to the next parish council meeting


Correspondence Received since last Parish Council Meeting.

The following items of correspondence had been received

The CALC Circular for September 2016 had been circulated and there were no matters arising.

An e-mail had been received advising about the Allerdale Borough Council Electoral Review: Warding arrangements.

An e-mail from CALC requesting information about a group called ‘Rescue One’ had been received.

E-mails advising of changes to the CALC Constitution and the Annual Report 2016 had been received and circulated.

An e-mail had been received inviting representatives to the North-West Coast Connections – Town and Parish Council Workshops on 18th October 6-8pm at the Wave Centre had been received. Katie Clarke is to represent the Council.

Several e-mails have been received regarding the Healthcare for the Future   Consultation Launch which includes a meeting to be held 6.30pm to 8.30pm on 19th October 2016 at the Wave Centre, Maryport.

A letter had been received from St Mary’s Church PCC thanking the council for its support for the recently completed improved ramp to the Churchyard.

An e-mail had been received from Impact Housing seeing volunteers to support the Advocates Against Abuse project.

An e-mail had been received which provided a link to the consultation on the Cumbria County Council Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2015-30.

An e-mail had been received from CALC regarding the implications of the Insurance Act 2015.

A letter had been received regarding the Neighbourhood Planning Bill which had been circulated.

A letter had been received from Sue Hayman MP inviting a representative of the council to a meeting with a representative from BT on 5th October 2016 at Kirkgate Centre, Cockermouth to discuss Broadband in the area. The Chairman will represent the Council at the meeting.

Financial update and cheque authorities

The Clerk confirmed cheque account at £6,607.80 and deposit account at £645.34

 Clerks Salary (July/August)                       £218.88

 Expenses (Inc. Travelling, postage, stationery and newsletter delivery etc.)   £78.27           £297.15 HRMC                         £54.18

Gilcrux Village Hall/Hall Rental (Sept.)                                                                                     £16.00

ISS Facility Services/Grass cutting (August)                   £221.70

Laurie Mansfield           £150.00

ISS Facility Services/Grass cutting (Sept.)      £221.70

Firpress/Newsletter         £65.00

Playsafety Ltd/ Play Equip Inspection       £79.80

Outerspace Ltd/Village maintenance                                               £690.00     

Coombe and Sharpe/ Ramp                               £4320.00

16/55     RESOLVED that the above accounts be paid.  


The External Auditors report was read with no outstanding issues.

Planning Applications



PB/2016/0044 Removal of BT Payphone    Phone box, Gilcrux

Concerns that there  no re-instatement  proposals


2/2016/0511 New rear access door to first floor  1 The Brow, Bulgill, Gilcrux Aspatria

No Objections

2/2016/0321 Application for reserved matters application 2/2016/0389 Land at The Forelands, Gilcrux

No Objections

2/2016/0438 Change of Use of redundant barn to holiday let Greengill farm, Greengill, Gilcrux

No Objections


2/2016/0511 Ne rear access door to first floor  1 The Brow, Bulgill, Gilcrux Aspatria


2/2016/0364 Demolition of disused barn and change of use of land to incorporate two holiday lodges.    Ellen Hall, Gilcrux, Wigton


2/2016/0321 Variation of Condition 2 on 2/2016/0389 New grange Bulgill


Appeals - None


Police Matters

Apologies had been received from PCSO Ostle who was not on duty. She had previously prepared a report which had been circulated.

16/56 RESOLVED – that copies of the Police Report should be displayed on the village notice boards for the information of residents


Vodafone Signal

Concern had been raised in the village that since the Council has participated in the Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal there has been no marked improvement in the Vodafone signal and that it has had an adverse effect on the signal of other providers.   

16/57 RESOLVED – that Vodafone be asked to switch off the equipment for 7 days to see what effect if any that has.


Ramp access to Churchyard

The clerk informed the meeting that the ramp was now complete and that stakeholders appeared to be pleased with the improvements.

 Affordable Housing

Following a recent planning application concerns were raised at the lack of affordable housing within the parish and the number of houses which were becoming holiday lets.

16/58  RESOLVED – that K Clark would respond to the consultation regarding the Draft Allerdale Housing Survey and the council will continue to monitor the situation

 Seats within the Parish

It was agreed that the Council will replace all seats in the parish with additional seats being provided at Greengill and Bulgill

16/59  RESOLVED – that a small group would research what would be most suitable seat with a view to applying for funding.

Play Park

The recent Play Area Safety Inspection Report was discussed. The only item requiring attention was the gate and the clerk was asked to obtain an estimate for the work.


Speed Sensors

There appears to have been no progress on this matter and the clerk will contact Highways.

Emergency Plans for Parishes

Calc had circulated a paper advising parishes that their Communities should consider make Community Emergency Plans to help minimize the impact of an emergency and help them recover more quickly. This item to be included on the next agenda for further consideration


Matters for Next Meeting.

   Parish land in front of Kinnaird Cottage

   Seat in the parish

   Advisory Funding Group

   Village Maintenance Tenders

   Play Area Gate

Date of Next Meeting

16/60  RESOLVEDthat the next meeting of the Parish Council will he held on Wednesday 9th November 2016 at 6.30pm at Gilcrux Village Hall


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Signed as a true and correct record …………………………………….………. Chair

Date ……………………...............

Attendance over the Past 12 Meetings

J Eve    7/12    L Hignett         12/12

K Clarke 12/12   S McMullen     11/12

W Henderson 12/12   C Astill            10/12

D Griffiths    7/8   T Gear            12/12 (Parish Clerk)

2016 Sept Minutes