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A Parish Council meeting was held at the Gilcrux Village Hall, Gilcrux at about 6.30pm on Wednesday 11th May 2016

Present: Councillor’s William Henderson (Chair), Lisa Hignett, Katie Clarke, Charlotte Astill, David Griffiths and Shaun McMullen

Also Present: Trevor Gear (Clerk), Alan Clark (County Councillor) and Jill Perry

Apologies: James Eve, Jacqueline Mounsey (Borough Councillor) and PCSO Ostle.

Minute Parishioners Open Forum

Jill Perry spoke about a paper she had prepared entitled ‘Climate Change and Flood Resilience’ that had been circulated to members with the emphasis on managing heavy rain by slowing the flow by upstream measures. Mrs. Perry’s presentation was well received and was discussed further as an agenda item later in the meeting.

K. Clarke raised on behalf of residents that Tallentire Hill had been re-surfaced which added to the run off during the floods. It has now had chippings laid on top. Residents were concerned at the unnecessary expense and why the work had been done. A. Clark will make enquires and report back.

Concerns were raised at the condition of the bridleway through Ellen Cottages to the Trout Farm. A. Clark will see who is responsible and what can be done.       

Declarations of Interest  

W. Henderson and D. Griffiths declared as owner of one of the properties affected by the problem declared a registerable interest in item 7. (Update on running water by Village Hall.). L. Hignett as the council’s representative on the Advisory Funding Group registerable interest in item 8. (AFG).

Election of Chair and Vice Chair 2016/17

On the proposal of K. Clarke and seconded by D. Griffiths.

16/29   RESOLVED - that W. Henderson be elected Chair for the ensuing year.

On the proposal of W. Henderson and seconded by L. Hignett  

16/30   RESOLVED - that K. Clarke be elected Vice Chair for the ensuing year.

Confirmation of minutes

16/31 RESOLVED – that the Chair sign as a correct record, the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9th March 2016.

Matters Arising


Update on running water by Village Hall and Playing Field

There had be no developments but on occasions the leak still persisted.

16/32 RESOLVED – In view of the lack of support from other agencies, the fact that there is no owner and the only real problem is in winter when it freezes it was decided to remove this item from future agendas

Advisory Funding Group. (AFG)

Lisa Hignett advised that the next meeting of the panel was on 17th October 2016 at Blindcrake. The closing date for applications being 30th September 2016.


   Correspondence Received since last Parish Council Meeting.

The following items of correspondence had been received

The CALC Circular for April and May 2016 had been circulated and there were no matters arising.

An e-mail had been received advising that the Highways Hotline telephone number has changed to 0300303 2992.

A letter of thanks from the Aspatria and District First Responders had been received and was read.

Financial update and cheque authorities

The Clerk confirmed cheque account at £6,678.63 and deposit account at £645.34


               P. Wilson/Internal Audit                      £85.00

 CALC/Subscription                    £130.00

Clerks Salary (March/April)                              £216.70

 Expenses (Inc. Travelling, postage, stationery and newsletter delivery etc.)    £70.38          £287.08 HRMC                         £54.18

         ISS Facility Services/Grass cutting (April)                   £221.70

ISS Facility Services/Grass cutting (May)      £221.70

Zurich Insurance         £394.79

Gilcrux Village Hall/Hall Rental (May)                                                                                       £16.00

   Outerspace Ltd/Village maintenance                                              £785.00         

16/33     RESOLVED that the above accounts be paid.   

Annual Governance Statement.

16/34  RESOLVED- With the assistance of members the Annual Governance Statement was completed.

Annual Accounts were circulated.

16/35  RESOLVED – The annual accounts were approved and the Accounting Statement 2015/16 was completed

Planning Applications

Consultation -None


2/2015/0191   Outline application for the construction of 12 dwellings with all matters reserved. Land adjacent to Hazledene, Gilcrux. - Approved  

Appeals - None


Police Matters           Apologies had been received from PCSO Ostle who was assisting at a road traffic

collision on the A66. She had previously prepared a report which had been circulated

 D. Griffiths advised the meeting that he had attended the West Cumbria Community Safety Strategic Partnership and appraised the council of the items discussed. He added that he is hoping to be invited to the Tactical Delivery Group and will report back.

 Concerns were expressed about speeding in the parish and it is hoped that information of the ‘Speed Watch’ Scheme will be available soon.

Tallentire Hill

  The muck heap had been reduced and was not a problem at this time.


 Ramp access to Churchyard

 The clerk informed the meeting of the current position regarding the ramp access.

The contractor will not install the ramp without hand rails and the council despite some financial assistance from A. Clarke does not have the money to provide them as per the estimate. However, the contractor has suggested that he could provide timber which would be within budget and is acceptable to the Revd. Herbert.

             16/36  RESOLVED – That the council proceeds on that basis.

 Village Spring Clean

 An excellent turnout from the village with a good atmosphere. 16 bags of rubbish were collected.

 Unpresented cheque

 The clerk reported that when completing the accounts for 2015/16 he had discovered that a cheque for £410 from July 2015 to the Youth Club towards work on the play park had not been cashed. He had contacted the organizers who whilst aware of the award stated they had not received the cheque but asked that the cheque be re-issued.

16/37  RESOLVED – That further information was required from the organizers before a cheque could be re-issued.

Play Park

 Members were satisfied that the gate had now been repaired.  

16/38 RESOLVED – The Council will now accept responsibility for the play park and K. Clarke to carry out weekly inspections.

Model Financial Regulations

 The NALC model Financial Regulations (January 2016) had been circulated.

16/39 RESOLVED – That they be adopted by the Council      

Insurance Level

The clerk raised the level of insurance held by the council which is now for renewal.

16/40  RESOLVED – The Schedule be amended to read ‘4 Seats’ and the Sum Insured for Play Equipment be raised to £20,000

 Upstream Tree Planting

 Following the presentation by Jill Perry members agreed to support any such projects that may be forthcoming and it should be an agenda item on the Aspatria Rural Partnership meeting  

16/41 RESOLVED – That action be taken as above.


Speed Sensors

Then clerk had contacted Highways seeking the results of the recent sensors within the   parish and was advised that they had not been deployed but would be deployed shortly.

16/42             RESOLVED – The council will monitor the deployment and seek the results.

 Matters for Next Meeting.

Ramp Access to Churchyard

Support for Cottage Hospitals

Date of Next Meeting          

16/43  RESOLVEDthat the next meeting of the Parish Council will he held on Wednesday 20h July 2016 at 6.30pm at Gilcrux Village Hall


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.20pm

Signed as a true and correct record ……………………………………..……….. Chair

Date ……………………...............

Attendance over the Past 12 Meetings

J Eve   10/12    L Hignett         12/12

K Clarke 11/12   S McMullen       9/12

W Henderson 12/12   C Astill  9/11

D Griffiths    5/6   T Gear             12/12 (Parish Clerk)

2016 May minutes