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2020 July Minutes


 17, Speckled Wood Drive,

                 Carlisle, CA1 3RD

Tel: 01228 491812


A meeting of Gilcrux Parish Council was held at the Gilcrux Village Hall, Gilcrux at 6.30pm on Wednesday 15th July 2020.

Present: Councillor’s Simon Jones (Chair), David Griffiths, William Henderson, David Lake and Debbie Taylor

Also, Present: Trevor Gear (Clerk),  

Apologies: Christopher Thorpe.

 The Chair introduced D. Lake to the councillors who in turn introduced themselves.

   1/2020 Statement of Necessity

As this meeting was to be held during the Covid -19 Pandemic members agreed that a physical meeting was necessary and agreed a Statement of Necessity which was signed by the chair at the start of the meeting.

2/2020 Risk Assessment

As this meeting was to be held during the Covid -19 Pandemic the clerk had prepared a Risk Assessment to ensure the Health and Hygiene of members which had been previously circulated was agreed and signed by the chair at the start of the meeting

3/2020 15 Minute Parishioners Open Forum    

The clerk mentioned a concern he had received from a resident regarding Leathersgill Beck, Bridleway. He provided the resident with contact information who was quite happy to deal with the matter direct.

Members also raised the issue of dog fouling in Gilcrux which had been more prevalent during the lockdown. The clerk to include in the next newsletter.

4/2020 Declarations of Interest


5/2020 Confirmation of minutes

On the proposal of D. Griffiths and seconded by S. Jones

    RESOLVED that the Chair sign as a correct record, the minutes of the

Parish Council meeting held on 18th March 2020 and a statement regarding the Annual Parish Council Meeting which was to have been held on 20th May2020.


6/2020 Advisory Funding Group. (AFG)

D. Griffiths, the parish council representative stated that correspondence

had dried up during the pandemic and as far as he was aware there had been no new grants and that funding was still available.

7/2020 Correspondence Received since last Parish Council Meeting.

The following items of correspondence had been received: -

i)  The CALC Circulars for April/ May had been forwarded to members and there were no matters arising.              

ii) A letter had been received from Citizens Advice Allerdale seeking financial support. On the proposal of W. Henderson and seconded by D. Griffiths

RESOLVED – to donate £75 to this worthy cause particularly for their work in Aspatria

iii)  A considerable amount of correspondence regarding the Coronavirus (Covid -19) had been received and circulated.

iv) Information regarding Cumbria Action for Health & Mental Health   Provider Forum Bulletin had been circulated.  

v) Information regarding Cumbria Arts and Culture Network: Covid-19 had been circulated

vi) Useful Weblinks from recent NALC meeting with Transport Planning Society had been circulated

vii) A new briefing: Cumbrian Coal Mine and Cumbria MUD Patch had been circulated.

viii) Information on the new Code of Conduct Consultation had been circulated.

ix) Information on holding virtual meetings had been circulated.

x) An invitation to a Climate Change webinar had been received and circulated.

xi) Several CALC and NALC updates had been received and circulated  

xii) The Cumbria County Council Cumbria Covid -19 Data and Information Sharing Protocol had been received and signed under delegated powers.

8/2020 Clerks Report

The clerk provided a verbal report on matters he had dealt with since the last meeting which included the following: -

i) A request from the Village Hall Committee to allow their handyman to repair the gates and weed around the gates to the playpark which was agreed.

ii) The maintenance contractor had voluntarily strimmed part of a public footpath at Tallentire Hill and noticed the style was old and potentially dangerous. The clerk to report to the Countryside Access Officer.

           9/2020 Borough and County Councillor’s report

There had been no apologies or reports from the County or Borough Council representatives. Members were extremely disappointed that there had been no apologies or reports particularly as there were matters on the agenda which required their attention. The clerk to write and express their disappointment.

10/2020 Financial update and cheque authorities

(i) The Clerk confirmed that after payment of the accounts the cheque account stands at £4532.10 and deposit account at £659.69.

(ii) The previous payments of the accounts were ratified, and the following accounts were for payment.

T Gear/Clerks Salary (May and June)                                     £243.84

Expenses (Inc. Travelling, postage, stationery and sundries)   £77.78       


HRMC                  £60.96

Gilcrux Village Hall/Hall Rental (July)                                                £16.00                               

Mr. P Wilson/Internal Audit               £85.00

Tivoli/Grass cutting (June)                                          £262.14

Tivoli/Grass cutting (July)             £262.14

Tivoli/Grass cutting (August)            £262.14

Outerspace/Village Maintenance            £720.00

iii) Members assisted the clerk to complete the Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 which was signed by the Chair.

vi) The Annual Accounts for 2019/20 which had been previously circulated were approved and Accounting Statement 2019/20 was signed by the Chair.

v) The Chair was authorized to sign the Certificate of Exemption 2019/2020

RESOLVED that the above accounts be paid.


 11/2020 Planning Applications

i) Consultation

FUL/2020/0091 Change of use from agricultural to contractors  busines. Part of East house, Gilcrux (retrospective) No   objections

OUT/2020/0009 Re-submission of application OUT/2019/0005             

for outline application all matters reserved for  new residential dwelling. Amended Dwg.  Rectory Lodge, Gilcrux.    No  objections

 FUL/2020/0125 Re-submission application FUL/2019/0201 for a proposed repair workshop for old tractor/part implement shed and stable Pasture Farm, Greengill, Gilcrux . No objections

FUL2020/0147 Agricultural Building    Dykelands, Gilcrux    No  objections

ii) Decisions

FUL/2020/0091 Change of use from agricultural to contractors busines. Part of East house, Gilcrux (retrospective)  Full plans approved

 iii) Appeals


 vi) Any other planning related correspondence

Re-issue following lapse of Tree Preservation Order No11 of 2019. Tree

Preservation Order No6 of 2020

Land at The Garth, Chapel Terrace, Gilcrux, Wigton

          12/2020 Police Matters   

 No report or apologies had been received. Although the attendance of police and reports for        Town and Parish Council meetings was discussed. Also, the new police newsletter was discussed in the light of comments made by Cockermouth Town Council.


   13/2020 Bank Account with online facilities

The clerk advised on his attempts to find a suitable account which had been delayed because of the pandemic but would report further at the next meeting.

    14/2020 Footway lighting   

D. Griffiths had carried out a further survey and amendments had been made to

Allerdale Borough Councils schedule of payment which is now £795.05. He had also worked  through the responses from CALC , consulted the Highways Act and considered that the lights for which the council are likely to be charged are not footway lights but are highway lights as there are no footways where they are located. The clerk is to raise this point with Allerdale Borough Council and CALC.


 15/2020 St.  Mary’s Church – Funding and work                  

This is ongoing and it was agreed to invite Rev’d T Herbert to attend /report to the next meeting.   

16/2020 Parish Spring Clean

The Great British Spring Clean had been postponed until September and the chair will try and organize the parish spring clean to coincide with this event.

17/2020 Land Registration

The clerk gave an update on the progress of the registration of land maintained by the council which had now been declined by Land Registry. The clerk was aware of other parishes where land had been registered by Land Registry under the same terms and it was agreed that the solicitor to be asked to contact Land Registry and clarify.

18/2020 VE Day 75

An event was being organized by the Village Hall Committee with financial support from the council but in view of the pandemic has been cancelled but it is hoped to hold an event later in the year.

 19/2020 Resignation and Vacancy

An e-mail had been received from K. Clarke (Vice Chair) in which due to increased workload in her employment she felt she had to resign. Members asked that a letter of thanks be sent and the vacancy advertised.

20/2020 Election of Vice Chair

As the K. Clarke had resigned from the council a vacancy had arose for a Vice Chair.

On the proposal of W. Henderson and seconded by D. Griffiths, D. Taylor was elected Vice Chair for the remainder of the municipal year 2020/21

21/2020 Matters for Next Meeting.

 Banking Arrangements

VE Day 75

Hedge Trimming – Village Hall

Age limit on play park

Style leading to Tallentire Hill

Age limit – Playpark

22/2020 Date of Next Meeting

           The next meeting of the Parish Council will he held on Wednesday 16th September

 2020 at 6.30pm at Gilcrux Village Hall

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.45pm.

Signed as a true and correct record


…………………………………….………. Chair

Date ……………………...............

Attendance over the Past 12 Meetings

J Eve      6/12   W Henderson   9/12           S Jones    11/12

D Griffiths   11/12  D. Lake        1/2           D. Taylor       4/6

C Thorpe          1/2                             T Gear   12/12 (Parish Clerk)