Gilcrux Parish Council

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Clerk: Trevor Gear        17, Speckled Wood Drive


E-mail:     CA1 3RD


Website:    01228-491812      

6th March 2019


Dear Councillor

You are summoned to attend a meeting of Gilcrux Parish Council to be held at Gilcrux Village Hall, on Wednesday 20th March 2019 at 6.30pm.  The agenda is printed below, and I hope you will be able to attend.

Trevor Gear

Parish Clerk



To receive apologies for absence.

      2. 15 minutes Open Forum for Parishioner’s Comments.

 (a) To receive comments from members of the public

      3.  Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations by members of pecuniary and other registerable interest in respect of items on this Agenda not disclosed on your notification of interest form.

      4.  Minutes

To confirm the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 16th January 2019 as a true record.

5.  Advisory Funding Group (AFG).

To receive an update of any matters concerning the AFG since the last Parish Council meeting.

6.  Correspondence.

To report all relevant correspondence received since the last meeting.

      7.  Clerks Report

 To consider any actions by the clerk since the last meeting

      8.  Borough and County Councillor’s reports

To receive reports from Councillors Mounsey (Allerdale Borough Council) and Councillor Graham (Cumbria County Council)

      9.  Financial Update and Authorization of Payments  

(a) To authorise payment of all outstanding accounts.


Clerks Salary (Jan./Feb.)                 £235.39

Expenses (Inc. Travelling, postage, etc.)             £102.05                       £338.34

HRMC                           £58.39

Gilcrux Village Hall/Rent (March)                                                               £16.00

Newsletter printing               £91.00

ICO Registration                £40.00

           (b) To consider the effectiveness of the internal audit 2017/18 and to appoint an   

       internal auditor for 2018/19

    10. Planning Applications

a) To consider all planning applications received for consultation since the last          meeting and decide on a response.

b) To receive details of any decisions

c) To receive details of any appeals

d) Any other planning related correspondence

     11. Police Matters

To discuss matters affecting the parish and decide on any action

     12. St Mary’s Church Flower Festival

  To consider an application for funding towards the flowers for the above event

     13.  Footway Lighting

            To consider the proposal of Allerdale Borough Council and the advice of CALC

     14. Update on St Mary’s Church - Funding and Work

            To receive an update on the above

     15.  Chapel Farm, Gilcrux

         To receive an update regarding the condition of the above

     16.  Vacancy     

  To consider any applications for co-option

     17.  Playground - Gate

            To receive an update on the above

     19.  Great British Spring Clean

             To receive an update on the above

     20.  Noticeboard – Greengill

   To receive an update on the above.

     21.  Drain Survey

            To consider carrying out the above

     22.  Parish Council Elections 2019

            To receive an update on the above

     23.  Risk Assessment  

            To adopt the draft Risk policy for 2019/20

     24.  Parish Maintenance 2019-20

            To receive an estimate for the above

     25.  Parish Seats

            To receive a report on the condition of the above

     26.  Speeding

            To discuss the above

     27.  Matters for Next Meeting

            To determine any matters to be considered at the next meeting.

     28.  Date of Next Meeting

  6.30pm 22nd May 2019 (including the Annual Parish Meeting)

2019 March Agenda