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2019 January Minutes


 17, Speckled Wood Drive,

                 Carlisle, CA1 3RD

Tel: 016973 21935


A meeting of Gilcrux Parish Council was held at the Gilcrux Village Hall, Gilcrux at 6.30pm on Wednesday 16th January 2019.

Present: Councillor’s Lisa Hignett (Chair), Simon Jones, S. McMullen, K. Clarke, D. Griffiths and William Henderson

Also, Present: Trevor Gear (Clerk)

Apologies: James Eve and Jacqueline Mounsey (Borough Councillor)

15 Minute Parishioners Open Forum                 

No members of the public were present.

Declarations of Interest  

K Clarke as Church Warden declared an interest in item 15. on the agenda.

Confirmation of minutes

On the proposal of S. Jones and seconded by W. Henderson

  19/01                            RESOLVED that the Chair sign as a correct record, the minutes of the Parish Council     

   meeting held on 21st November 2018.

Matters Arising



Advisory Funding Group. (AFG)

There is no update since the last meeting of the council.

Correspondence Received since last Parish Council Meeting.

The following items of correspondence had been received; -

The CALC Circular for December/January had been circulated. The clerk drew attention to two matters contained therein:  i) The date for the parish council elections had been set for 2nd May 2019 which will also be the date of the Allerdale Borough Council elections under the new ward arrangements. (ii) The clerk’s hourly rate had increased by .35p (less tax) as of 1st April 2019.

The Northwest Coastal Access December update had been circulated.

An e-mail of thanks had been received from Citizens Advice Allerdale for the council’s donation of £75.00 towards their work.

An e-mail from United Utilities giving the December 2018 update on the West Cumbria Supplies Project had been received and circulated.

An e-mail regarding Allerdale Borough Council’s Budget 2019/20 and Priorities Consultation had been received and circulated. The closing date for comments being 17th January 2017.

An e-mail advising of Julian Glover review of the National Parks and ANOB had been received and circulated.

An e-mail regarding Cumbria Strategic Flood Partnership request for contacts for local flood groups had been received and circulated.

(xi)       An e-mail entitled ‘Public Health Campaign – Help Us Help You had been

             received and circulated.  


Clerks Report

The clerk provided a verbal report on matters he had dealt with since the last meeting which included: -

i) He had received a copy of the latest Register of Electors which can only be used for approved purposes.

ii) He had received a report of a missing bridleway sign which had been reported to the Cumbria County Council Access Officer.

Borough and County Councillor’s report

J. Mounsey had given apologies but provided a report on matters affecting the parish and the Borough Council.

There had yet again been no attendance or apologies from H. Graham (County Councillor) and it was disappointing to note that no report had been provided or response to the clerk regarding highways issues that had been brought to the clerk’s attention by members of the public.

Financial update and cheque authorities

(i)The Clerk confirmed that after payment of the accounts the cheque account stands at £5237.56 and deposit account at £649.38.

   Cockermouth and District Garden Services/Hedge Trimming              £210.00

   T Gear/Clerks Salary (Nov. and Dec.)                                                  £235.39

Expenses (Inc. Travelling, postage, stationery and sundries)              £103.55                   £338.94        HRMC                       £58.85

Gilcrux Village Hall/Hall Rental (January)                                                                              £16.00

Gilcrux Village Hall/Sure Signal                                                            £31.50

J. Perry/Sure Signal                                                £31.50

19/02     RESOLVED that the above accounts be paid.          


Planning Applications

i) Consultation


 ii) Decisions

                                       2/2018/0469        New field access to classified road (C2023)  Plans              Land adj. Ellenhall, Gilcrux                                  Approved.


iii) Appeals



 vi) Any other planning related correspondence

 A letter had been received and circulated for any member to appear at the Development Panel and speak about the above application if they wished.

Police Matters

The clerk had received an e-mail from the Police and Crime Commissioner which had been circulated in which he proposed to increase the Council Tax Precept by £2 per month for a Band D property so that he could recruit another 20 officers and retain the 25 that he recruited last year.

Tree Liability

W, Henderson had visited parcels of land owned/maintained by the council with a view to plotting the trees but found none that required attention.

Dog Fouling

Concerns had been expressed regarding the increase in dog fouling in the parish

particularly at the bottom end of Tallentire Hill various options were discussed.

19/03 RESOLVED – There should be a newsletter article and request for a bin to be placed in that area.


Footway Lighting

                             A letter had been received from Allerdale Borough Council who had indicated that they wanted Parish Councils to ‘pick up’ the energy cost of the above from April 2020 and the maintenance costs from April 2021. An e-mail had also been received from CALC in which they state that parish councils can not be forced to accept these costs.   

St Mary’s Church – Funding and work                   

Rev’d Herbert had been invited to this meeting however S. Parnaby advised that work was being done to fundraise and that the PCC have meeting on the 25th January with the Archdeacon to discuss hopefully the way forward with the Church and funding.

Condition of Chapel Farm, Gilcrux

A planning application is still awaited.


No application had been received

Playground - Gate

Estimates were awaited

Great British Spring Clean

Nationally this is due to take place between 22 March and 23rd April 2019 which is earlier than the event which takes place in the parish. Further information will be available on 26th January and it was decided to wait for the information to be published before making a commitment to take part in the national event.

Condition of roads, drains and kerbs etc. in the parish

The clerk had received two e-mails from residents in the parish regarding the above which were forwarded to H. Graham (County Councillor) and J Mounsey (Borough Councillor) and dealt with the following issues:-

i) Road sweeping which had not been done for the past twelve months. This is a borough council responsibility and J. Mounsey arranged for the parish to be swept and to be placed on the on the Rota for future regular sweeping.

ii) Gritting of the roads in the parish particularly from Tallentire to the A596 (Bullgill Hill). There being no response for H. Graham the clerk contacted the Network Manager who explained the current position. This is a P3 route and is only gritted after a 72 hours period of subzero temperatures. This will be reviewed this year and the clerk was asked to make representations to have this section of road upgraded to P2.

iii) Gulley Cleaning again no response had been received from H. Graham and the clerk contacted the Network Manager who explained that the gulley’s were last cleaned in November 2017 but are to be cleaned in May 2019 and they are moving away from regular cleaning to a risk-based approach.

vi) Weeds between kerbs was also raised with the network Manager who is to ask the Highway Steward to arrange for a team to have a look at this issue.

Noticeboard – Greengill

The clerk reported the extremely poor condition of the above. He had obtained an estimate of £620.00 (plus VAT) and had an offer that the replacement could be part of an apprentice scheme for a local firm with the council paying only for the materials used.

19/04 RESOLVED – that the council accept the generous offer from the local company and will meet the costs of materials.

  Meeting Dates 2019/20

The clerk had provided a draft schedule of meeting dates for 2019/20 which were agreed


Matters for Next Meeting.

   Speeding – Newtown cottages and Tractors

   Progress report on St Mary’s Church/Funding for repairs

   Playground – Repairs to gate.

   Noticeboard – Greengill

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will he held on Wednesday 20th March 2019 at 6.30pm at Gilcrux Village Hall

 There being no further business, the meeting closed at 7.30pm.

Signed as a true and correct record

 …………………………………….………. Chair

Date ……………………...............

Attendance over the Past 12 Meetings

J Eve    6/12    L Hignett         10/12

K Clarke  9/12   S McMullen      8/12

W Henderson 12/12   S Jones 6/7

D Griffiths 11/12   T Gear            12/12 (Parish Clerk)